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Bass Trombone Essentials Project

I'm so excited to be working on a long-term project devoted to etudes! For me, etudes are the bread-and-butter of what we work on in the practice room. They’re great for being able to dig in to technique while still keeping our mind focussed on and engaged in the music making process.


The etudes found in this series will cover a variety of ground from the basics such as articulation and slide technique found in Arbans and Kopprasch to the more complex such as etudes from the Bordogni/Rochut books.


In this series, we’ll primarily focus on the standard works in our repertoire, encompassing the books of Arbans, Tyrrell, Kopprasch, Rochut, and Blazevich, with the addition of others from time to time.

It is my hope with this project to create a resource for bass trombonists to utilize as an example and practice tool for developing their technique across the instrument through etudes.

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Chamber Music and Solo Performances
Debussy - "Syrinx"
LIVE Performance at the Santa Fe Trombone Summit